Dental Implants

We at Aloha Family Dentistry understand how missing teeth can affect your overall lifestyle. While we stand committed to making sure your teeth are always healthy, we realize that sometimes, we cannot save every tooth. Missing teeth can take away the simplest joys in life. It can affect the way you eat, the way you talk, and even prevent you from being able to smile the way you want. In areas where there are missing teeth, your bone will also recede. Neighboring teeth will migrate and drift to the empty spaces causing maligned teeth. Eventually, with the bone receding, it could potentially lead to the neighboring teeth needing to be removed as well. Dental implants have been proven to be the gold standard in terms of replacing missing teeth.

How do Implants Work?

Dental implants are anchored to the bone where the missing tooth used to be. By anchoring to the bone, it prevents the bone from rapidly receding and saving the adjacent teeth. The dental implant itself is basically a large titanium screw that is screwed into the existing bone structure. The implant is coated with a material that promotes integration with the bone, creating a vital interface between the implant and the bone, which prevents the rapid loss of bone. Quite often, the amount of bone in the area is deemed inadequate for the placement of an implant, and a bone graft is often needed to provide the implant with enough bone structure to adhere to.


Following the placement of the implant, the area is left to heal for several months to allow for the bone to integrate with the implant. When healing is complete, an abutment is fabricated and placed on the implant. The abutment sticks out of the implant above the gum level. Following the fabrication of the abutment, the crown can then be made and placed on top of the abutment. With the crown safely screwed on, your missing tooth has been restored!

Why get an Implant with Us?

Our team at Aloha Family Dentistry has had top of the line training in implant surgery. We employ cutting edge technology to make sure you are safe and happy with the restoration of your missing teeth. Our doctors are all trained to be understanding and compassionate, and are experts at providing gentlest care. We perform all our procedures under local anesthesia, therefore removing the headaches of being put to sleep. We are fully confident in our ability to restoring your smile.